Monday, 13 August 2012

Bellroy Travel Wallet

We all hate it when we are going on holiday or even just business travel, and we have to search around in all of our pockets and our bags to try and find the tickets we need and our passport. So why not make this stage easier? Bellroy have now introduced a wallet which will take care of all of that for you. Let me explain. With this wallet you can fit all of your important travel documents into it (Passport, boarding pass and tickets, travel money and credit cards) and it still fits nicely into your back pocket without damaging any of your documents. The first main feature is its accessibility and storage. Everything is easy to get too and not messy there is plenty of storage with separate compartments for all of you belongings. Perfect! Then we want to be able to move still and not feel like there is a huge wallet in our pockets. Check, it feels exactly the same as having a normal size wallet in your back pocket or jacket. Last of all; styling! This wallet looks the business. Its clean and tidy edges put it miles ahead of any competitors, not to mention the quality of the materials used to create this wonderful wallet. The wallet is 100% leather and is monitored closely throughout production to make sure each one meets Bellroys high standards. Last but not least when you are on your travels now, with your new travel wallet, you will be the envy of everyone else who has to fumble through papers and bags to find their travel documents. 
Check out the Bellroy Travel wallet at KJ Beckett now. As well as other fantastic wallets from Bellroy in our collection.

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