Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Weekend Bags: Travel Light - Travel in Style

Weekend Bags - Travel in Style

As a young person myself, I love to travel to different places and countries in my free time. I find it a great way to relax as well as learning about different cultures and thinking up new ideas of things to do. Like this post for instance. And it was only the other week, when I was travelling home from London on the train that I noticed everyone was lugging around massive travel bags that were exploding from the seams. Most of which were not exactly nice to look at.

So, you would’ve expected these people to have been away from home for a week or two or going on a long visit/holiday, right? Nope; they had all been away for roughly 4 days max ... In comparison, I had my little weekend bag and had been visiting the city for the same amount of time.
This is when I decided that people need to be informed on the luxury of travelling light and in style. Obviously this starts with the bag you have. If you are a professional or more mature, you should probably purchase a leather or suede bag from Simon Carter, San Baliba, Estime or Cortez. These bags boast class, wealth and style. Mainly because they look amazing when you are carrying them wearing a suit, and that they all fit on the travel shelf of a train or into the overhead cabin on a plane.

However if you are younger and enjoy travelling around visiting acquaintances you have met on your journeys, then a duffle bag or ‘All purpose’ rough and ready bag is perfect for you. Here are some of my personal favourites: Fred Perry, Caribee and Nixon. These still fit in the same spaces but are slightly larger inside, and they make you look as if you are always off for adventure. Chicks dig that!

Second of all ... actually managing to travel light and having enough clothes for a weekend break away somewhere! This is slightly trickier and all depends on what it is that you are getting up too. But normally (when packed right) you can fit in 2 pairs of trousers, shorts, 3 t-shirts, 2 shirts, 1 smart pair of shoes or 2 casual pairs of shoes, a jumper or two and of course the desired amount of underwear. And after all of that there is normally space for phone chargers, belts, accessories and even a laptop ... but that is dependent on the bag shape and laptop size.

A key tip that my mum taught me was to roll clothes up, as they crease less, and take up a lot less space in the bag!

Last but not least, a little note to people who will be thinking, “That’s all good, but won’t that mean I’ll end up lugging around a heavy bag which has no wheels?” My answer is simply - No. The best thing about all weekend bags is that you can easily sling the carry straps over your shoulders and carry it as a backpack. I’ve also been asked which style of bag I use when I go travelling and my answer to that question is - I use both styles of bag when travelling because, well, I just love bags.

Don’t forget to check out the entire range of bags KJ Beckett has to offer online now. There are also great holdall bags for those of you who just can’t do without that extra something on your travels! Safe journeys. 

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