Thursday, 13 September 2012

Smart Casual - Get the Look

Smart Casual
KJ Beckett's 'Get the Look' - If you enjoy looking smart even on casual days then you will love this look! It is probably one of the simplest looks you can create. Especially if your wardrobe is mainly filled with work shirts and suits. There are two ways to create this look. Both are acceptable, however one is a lot more casual than the other .. that is the one which we want! 

But .. Make sure that your trousers and shirt and a good fit! You want the trousers to be straight fit and the most. Skinny and slim work better to give you a tailored look, but it all depends on body shape. You also want your shirt to be close fitting but not tight, make sure there is space to move. Slim shirts or tailored fit work best in this situation. 

Accessories used in this look: Robert Charles Bow Tie, Tyler & Tyler Woven Belt, Nixon Watch 

Step 1) Trousers - Choose a pair of nice fitting chinos. Dark colours for nights out, and light colours for the day time. 

Step 2) Shirt - Now you need a good fitting shirt. It is best to make sure that the shirt you chose fits you well over the Shoulders and around your arms/back. The waist is less important as you can cover it up with a waistcoat. 

Step 3) Shoes - I have found that matching your shoes to the colour of your trousers works great for casual outfits. Or if you are feeling a bit braver .. then choosing brighter or different colours for your accessories and shoes will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Step 4) Accessories - Last but not least, you need to know how to accessorise .. The best way to do this is to match your accessories to the colours you are wearing. For example - if you have dark blue trousers, then a dark blue/blue bow tie or tie works perfectly. (Unless of course you are going for the brave look)

The other key pointer with accessories is to make sure you don't have to many of them! Keep it simple with your choice of accessories, a casual woven belt, nice watch and bow tie/tie is all you need to pull off this look. 

Now you have the steps to try this out for yourself at your next party or social gathering. Everyones attention will be aimed at your! 

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