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Cheddar Pocket

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her At KJ Beckett

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Jersey Pearl

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Simon Carter Women's Jewellery

Jersey Pearl Jewellery

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Lauren Lee Jewellery

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Dents Gloves


Argoz Socks

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Vivienne Westwood AW13 Purses

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Insight - Headphones from Nixon, Jays and Thinksound

One of the key accessories for any man or woman today is a set of headphones that allows you to enjoy your music while you go about your day to day activities. That is why we are now stocking a vast selection of on-ear headphones and earphones online at KJ Beckett.

With a great choice of headphones to choose, from brands including Nixon, Jays and thinksound you are bound to not only find a set of headphones that suits your style, but also a set that can deliver top quality sound at an affordable price.

Perhaps our most impressive range of earphones are the thinksound ear buds. Made from reclaimed wood, these headphones offer up truly mind blowing sound quality and acoustic. The wood finish allows the sound to resonate more naturally creating astonishing highs, mids and lows to ensure your can enjoy your music as it was intended to be heard.

However, if you are after a pair of headphones that will allow you to stand out and express yourself then you will want to check out our collection of Nixon headphones. These headphones come in a huge variety of designs, colours and styles offering an almost endless range of headphones to choose from. Some of the styles include over-ear and in-ear options and come in bright colours including yellow, orange, sky blue and many more. Don’t be afraid though, Nixon has catered for all tastes and styles with their headphone collection, incorporating iPhone/iPod compatibility and also offering a range of classically coloured black, silver, white and matte colours to enable everyone to enjoy their music in style.

Last but not least we cannot forget the infamous headphone designer Jays. Jays are a Swedish company who draw their inspiration from classic Scandinavian design to provide high quality sound and sleek style. Jaysheadphones make a great day to day partner for your pocket, offering a tangle free cable design. Some pairs of Jays earphones also come with iPhone/iPodcompatibility enabling you to answer your calls on the move without having to get your phone out your pocket.

Most of us can’t live a day without listening to our music while either waiting for a bus, walking to a meeting or just enjoying the day go by. So why not swap out that cheap set of earphones that came with your music device or phone and make your journeys even better? Treat yourself to a new set of headphones and immerse yourself within your favourite songs. You won’t regret it!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Classic Accessories for the Classic Gent

Men’s cufflinks and ties are an essential day to day accessory for most men, whether it is for work or pleasure. But why put up with the standard dribble which comes from most department stores? Here at KJ Beckett we have handpicked one of the finest online collections of cufflinks and ties for men. With designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Amanda Christensen, Duchamp, Penrose, Simon Carter, David Van Hagen and many more all contributing to our fine collection, you are sure to find a set of cufflinks and a tie which stands out from the norm.

Coming in a variety of colours, patterns and materials our collections of cufflinks and ties are second to none. Cufflinks and ties make an excellent addition to your accessory collection and are also great present which will be used time and time again. Made from top quality materials these accessories will last many a season offering a style which is both modern and classic.

With such a wide range of cufflinks, ties and other classic accessories at KJ Beckett, you can easily mix and match your style to create a unique look. To create the classic look match the colour of your tie with one of our pocket squares and add subtle silver or gold hints with a tie slide and pair of classic cufflinks. (Remember to always match your belt buckle and watch strap colour with your other accessories to complete this truly sophisticated look).

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Conkca Bags and Accessories

Conkca Accessories

Conkca is a British designer that uses some of the best quality natural leathers, canvases and other top quality materials to create a quintessentially British range of accessories. Included in the range of Conkca accessories is a superb collection of bags coming in an array of colours, styles and sizes, as well as a great choice of leather wallets for men.

Our Conkca bag collection incorporates some of the finest craftsmanship we have seen on a range of men’s accessories in a long time. With painstaking attention to detail, Conkca has managed to create a luxurious and fashionable bag which won’t break the bank. Starting from just £38 Conkca bags are a must have accessory for the coming season!

We especially love Conkca’s messenger bags as they are the perfect size for storing your laptop and other documents. With enough space for your laptop and documents as well as other external and internal pockets to put your other items in, Conkca messenger bags are a great day to day option for carrying your essentials around in. With a comfortable shoulder strap and durable design, these Conkca bags are sure to last you many a season.  

Also offered in the Conkca bag collection are backpacks, weekend bags, satchels, wash bags and briefcases; all of which make excellent gifts for yourself or someone deserving.

At KJ Beckett we also offer a range of leather wallets fromConkca which includes bifold, trifold and zip-around options. Made with the same integrity as Conkca’s bags, these wallets are a great addition to your accessory collection and are sure to impress even the most style savvy connoisseur when you place it on the table of your favourite watering hole. With plenty of storage space for your notes, coins and cards; Conkca really has thought of everything when designing these wallets.

Come over to KJ Beckett to check out the full range of Conkca accessories for yourself! Just like we have, you will soon fall in love with the design and style of Conkca’s accessories

Friday, 24 May 2013

Simon Carter Accessories - SS13

Simon Carter is a British designer that creates unique and exquisite accessories for both men and women. Known as the ‘king of cufflinks’ for his keen eye for quality and stylish designs, Simon Carter now uses the same integrity and craftsmanship to create his ever expanding collection of luxury accessories. With stunning collections available at KJ Beckett including cufflinks, watches, bags, jewellery and much more, Simon Carter is rapidly expanding into one of the most desirable new designer brands on the market today.

Simon Carter Accessories are made from a range of fine materials including English leather, tweed, cashmere, cotton and precious metals. Combined together to create fantastic accessories, Simon Carters range of accessories carries a typically British style and individuality. 

Click HERE to check out our range of Simon Carter accessories online at KJ Beckett today!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tommy Hilfiger SS13 Collection

Tommy Hilfiger SS13 Collection

Tommy Hilfiger SS13 Collection by kjbeckett

Tommy Hilfiger's new collection of wallets and belts are now available online at KJ Beckett. Made from fine leather, these men's accessories make a perfect addition to your collection this summer!

Available in a variety of colours and designs you are sure to find a wallet or belt which suits your style.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Men's Cufflinks - KJ Beckett

Men's Cufflinks |

Cufflinks are an essential accessory for any man, whether your style is classic or modern, each one of us needs a trusty pair of cufflinks to keep our shirt cuffs looking neat. Luckily at KJ Beckett we have created a truly stunning array of cufflinks for men, allowing you a wide choice of different styles and types of cufflinks to choose from, including pure sterling silver cufflinks to unique and bright cufflinks.

When you wear any of our stunning cufflinks you instantly feel more sophisticated and cultured. Cufflinks make a man look dashing, classy and charming. Whether you choose a classically styled pair of sterling silver cufflinks for a traditional gentleman look or a more wild and colourful pair of cufflinks to show off your individuality, we have a pair of cufflinks for every occasion.

With great ranges of cufflinks to choose from including top brands such as Ted Baker, Simon Carter, Shane McCoubrey, Sonia Spencer and Robert Charles to name a few, we have all budgets and styles covered, making sure that every man looks and feels good. Don’t forget that cufflinks also make great gifts for special occasions. Go online at to check out our ranges of cufflinks.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Falke Socks SS13

Falke has been making fine socks since 1895. With uncompromising attention to detail to ensure each sock they produced is made to the highest of standards. Our collection of Falke socks is truly stunning, with classic and colourful designs with hand finished toes, Falke socks provide support, comfort and style. 

Vivienne Westwood Cufflinks and Tie Pins

Vivienne Westwood is a true icon in the fashion industry with her unique style easy to spot from a mile away. We are pleased to tell you that we are now stocking a new collection for SS13 which includes men’s cufflinks and tie pins. We are extremely excited about these products as Vivienne Westwood has created a selection of intricate cufflinks and tie pins which are perfect for everyday wear. Made from quality materials including fine metals and crystals, these accessories are a joy to wear,  making you feel like a million dollars. Vivienne Westwood tie pins are a perfect accessory to wear with one of our bold ties to add an extra touch of class to your attire. Browse our Vivienne Westwood SS13 collection online at

Friday, 12 April 2013

Derek Rose Collection

Derek Rose Collection

                                                        Derek Rose Collection by KJ Beckett

Derek Rose produces some of the world’s finest luxury sleepwear, with ranges including pyjamas, dressing gownslounge wear, slippers and much more. The Savile Row company uses only the best quality materials including fine cottons, luxurious silks and quality cashmere's  which are then intricately weaved to create a garment which is as elegant in its appearance as it is to wear.
With an extensive range of patterns and styles Derek Rose sleepwear allows you to choose exactly what you want, whether it is plain and classic or bold and adventurous. We stock a superb collection of Derek Rose pyjamas, dressing gowns, nightshirts, loungewear, slippers and more. Buy yourself or someone deserving some Derek Rose sleepwear online at and spend you evenings relaxing in assured style. 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Justin Timberlake (Suit and Tie) Style

Justin Timberlake (Suit and Tie) Style

Simon Carter Jet Stud Set Black
$45 -

Robert Charles Rose Handkerchief White
$38 -

Re-create Justin Timberlake's classic style, as seen in his latest video 'Suit and Tie'. This is a simple look to re-create and it works perfectly for any special occasions or parties you may be attending within the coming spring.
Grab yourself a white 'shirt stud' shirt, either a plain black suit or a tuxedo, and then garnish your outfit with simple black accessories, all of which can be found at KJ Beckett.