Thursday, 25 July 2013

Classic Accessories for the Classic Gent

Men’s cufflinks and ties are an essential day to day accessory for most men, whether it is for work or pleasure. But why put up with the standard dribble which comes from most department stores? Here at KJ Beckett we have handpicked one of the finest online collections of cufflinks and ties for men. With designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Amanda Christensen, Duchamp, Penrose, Simon Carter, David Van Hagen and many more all contributing to our fine collection, you are sure to find a set of cufflinks and a tie which stands out from the norm.

Coming in a variety of colours, patterns and materials our collections of cufflinks and ties are second to none. Cufflinks and ties make an excellent addition to your accessory collection and are also great present which will be used time and time again. Made from top quality materials these accessories will last many a season offering a style which is both modern and classic.

With such a wide range of cufflinks, ties and other classic accessories at KJ Beckett, you can easily mix and match your style to create a unique look. To create the classic look match the colour of your tie with one of our pocket squares and add subtle silver or gold hints with a tie slide and pair of classic cufflinks. (Remember to always match your belt buckle and watch strap colour with your other accessories to complete this truly sophisticated look).

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