Thursday, 1 August 2013

Insight - Headphones from Nixon, Jays and Thinksound

One of the key accessories for any man or woman today is a set of headphones that allows you to enjoy your music while you go about your day to day activities. That is why we are now stocking a vast selection of on-ear headphones and earphones online at KJ Beckett.

With a great choice of headphones to choose, from brands including Nixon, Jays and thinksound you are bound to not only find a set of headphones that suits your style, but also a set that can deliver top quality sound at an affordable price.

Perhaps our most impressive range of earphones are the thinksound ear buds. Made from reclaimed wood, these headphones offer up truly mind blowing sound quality and acoustic. The wood finish allows the sound to resonate more naturally creating astonishing highs, mids and lows to ensure your can enjoy your music as it was intended to be heard.

However, if you are after a pair of headphones that will allow you to stand out and express yourself then you will want to check out our collection of Nixon headphones. These headphones come in a huge variety of designs, colours and styles offering an almost endless range of headphones to choose from. Some of the styles include over-ear and in-ear options and come in bright colours including yellow, orange, sky blue and many more. Don’t be afraid though, Nixon has catered for all tastes and styles with their headphone collection, incorporating iPhone/iPod compatibility and also offering a range of classically coloured black, silver, white and matte colours to enable everyone to enjoy their music in style.

Last but not least we cannot forget the infamous headphone designer Jays. Jays are a Swedish company who draw their inspiration from classic Scandinavian design to provide high quality sound and sleek style. Jaysheadphones make a great day to day partner for your pocket, offering a tangle free cable design. Some pairs of Jays earphones also come with iPhone/iPodcompatibility enabling you to answer your calls on the move without having to get your phone out your pocket.

Most of us can’t live a day without listening to our music while either waiting for a bus, walking to a meeting or just enjoying the day go by. So why not swap out that cheap set of earphones that came with your music device or phone and make your journeys even better? Treat yourself to a new set of headphones and immerse yourself within your favourite songs. You won’t regret it!